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Under California law, child support payments can be collected by a county agency. If child support payments are late or the parent obligated to pay support fails to pay, enforcement is generally conducted through the county offices. However, seeking child support enforcement through the official county system can be frustrating, requiring a heavy amount of paperwork. County enforcement workers are often overburdened with a heavy caseload and getting direct answers may be difficult. That is why you need an experienced family law attorney on your side.

Let Me Help You Recover Your Unpaid Support

An alternative option to the county enforcement system in Alameda, Contra Costa, or other counties in the Bay Area is to turn to my office in Berkeley. I have more than three decades of experience resolving the toughest child custody and child support issues for clients throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. I am often able to find cost-effective, efficient strategies that will get the child support flowing again. I give your case the attention you need and deserve, always focused on obtaining the money you are owed according to the court judgment.

Are You Behind on Your Child Support Payments?

If you know that you will have difficulty paying child support or alimony payments, you should contact a skilled family law attorney as soon as possible – if your payments get too far behind, you can lose your driving privileges and can even be jailed until arrangements are made for the payment! If you are having trouble getting your former spouse to pay, it is important to notify the court because there are ways to secure the payments by garnishing of wages, applying liens to property and other methods.

Child Support Modifications

If you need a modification to your current child support obligation, either higher or lower, due to a change in circumstances, I can help you file the proper papers promptly. The court will not retroactively change child support up or down, but your future payments can be modified if you give the court an adequate reason for the change. Therefore, it is extremely important to file a motion to modify support immediately after the change in circumstance occurs!

Alameda County Child Support Collection Lawyer

From my offices in Berkeley, California, I represent clients in family law matters throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Call me at (510) 644-2411 or contact my office by e-mail to arrange a free consultation to discuss your legal issue with an experienced Berkeley child support enforcement lawyer.

Martin "Jamie" Elmer, Esq. is recognized as a Certified Family Law Specialist by California State Bar

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